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Unfair': Obama Supporters Explain Why Teleprompters Should Be Allowed During Debates


"Why? Why would you not let him use his teleprompter, you know?"

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There are many ideas floating around as to why President Obama underperformed in last Wednesday's debate against Republican challenger Mitt Romney.  Al Gore thinks the altitude may have something to do with it, while Bill Maher has suggested the president may have gotten high before the battle of wits.  Rush Limbaugh and many in the conservative media, however, say Romney's ideas are simply superior, and Obama has nothing in his record he can defend.

Well, now a new excuse is being peddled.

Apparently, some consider it "unfair" that President Obama wasn't able to use his now-infamous teleprompter.  As one man stated, "How's he going to memorize an hour and a half debate?"

Watch Rebel Pundit interview some of the president's most loyal supporters at an Obama for America rally in Wisconsin Thursday, via Breitbart, for more:

"How unfair was it for the Debate Commission to not allow the president to use his teleprompter?" the interviewer asks at the beginning of the clip.

From there, a number of Obama supporters are seen saying, among other things, that they had no idea Obama was "off-prompter," and that he probably would have fared better if he had been able to read his answers.

"Why? Why would you not let him use his teleprompter, you know?" one young man asks in response.

To be fair, however, there were some who were torn on the issue, and one who said Obama was strategically "holding back."

Soon after, the video ends on a "fair" note with two women saying: "Shouldn't they both be able to [use their teleprompters]?"

(H/T: Breitbart)



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