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Father of Fallen Marine Angry Over President Obama's 'Disrespectful' Condolence Letter: 'Where Is the Honor?


"Where is the honor and the respect that all of these soldiers deserve?" -- Plus: Compare two different letters sent by President Obama to families of fallen soldiers. --


The father of a fallen U.S. Marine is angry about a "disrespectful" and impersonal condolence letter from President Barack Obama.

Tom Logan told KPRC that the letter was "impersonal" and practically just a form letter. Further, KPRC discovered an additional condolence letter from Obama that is practically identical to the one sent to Tom Logan.

(To read the letters, scroll down)

"It opened up a wound in our heart you can't fix. You can't send another letter. You can't make it right," the father said.

Logan's son, USMC Cpl. Joseph D. Logan was killed on Jan. 19, 2012 when the helicopter he and five other men were riding in crashed. He was only 22-years-old.

Tom Logan says his son deserves more respect, as do other fallen heroes in the military. He believes Obama did little more than sign his name to the note.

"He would have been more mad about this than I am," Tom Logan added.

KPRC has more details:

Local 2 Investigates examined two other letters sent by Obama to families of soldiers killed in action. The one-page typed condolence letters were identical other than names, ranks and service branches.

There is no standard or written protocol that we could find dealing with presidential condolence letters.

"Different presidents have approached the task in ways that are unique with their personalities and their priorities," University of Houston Professor and Historian Nancy Beck Young said.

Young examined the letter written to Tom Logan, which arrived by UPS truck four months after his son's death.

"I would agree, this is a personal sacrifice and an impersonal condolence," Young said.

The University of Houston professor also compared Obama's condolence letters to the ones sent by former President George W. Bush. Young said Bush appeared to write more personal letters, sometimes even hand-written.

"I think it's an indication of how of how the office of the presidency works in the early 21st century," Young told KPRC.

That is unacceptable to Tom Logan and says that should never be the way it is.

"Where are the representatives of our government? Where is the honor and the respect that all of these soldiers deserve?" Logan asked.

The White House has not responded to KPRC's three requests for comment. The White House faced harsh criticism earlier this year when it was accused of using an "auto-pen" to sign condolence letters to the families of fallen Navy SEALs. The Obama administration has denied the accusations.

Here's one of the president's condolence letters via KPRC:

Condolence Letter 1 PDF

And here's a different letter sent by the president to the family of another fallen soldier:

Condolence Letter 2 PDF


Note: This story has been updated to correct that Logan is a fallen Marine.

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