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Sandra Fluke: 'I'm racking up some debt


The Washington Post has a fairly lengthy profile on feminist activist Sandra Fluke. Here are the nine things you need to know about it.

1. Fluke has "learned to tell 'slut' jokes."

2. She is traveling the country endorsing Democrats in various races.

3. The Post refers to Fluke as "an election-year celebrity" and "the straight-arrow daughter of a Methodist minister."

4. She's "applying her perfectionist’s tendencies" to become a lasting figure in politics.

5. She lives in Los Angeles now.

6. She's been offered jobs from "social-justice" groups but has declined.

7. Fluke makes her money from speaker fees, awards and published op-eds.

8. A favorite Fluke quote: "I’m racking up some debt right now.”

9. A PR person works for Fluke pro bono.

[Washington Post]

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