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Ryan Takes Aim at Biden's History of Gaffes: 'Sometimes the Words Don't Come Out of Your Mouth the Right Way


Vice President Joe Biden took aim at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's now-infamous 47 percent quip during tonight's debate -- an action that challenger Paul Ryan hysterically rebuffed.

After Biden lambasted Romney and seemingly attempted to paint his policies as unfriendly to the middle class, the vice-president called for a leveling of "the playing field" and a concerted effort to give every American "a fair shot."

Watch Biden's comments, below:

Ryan then responded by discussing the Republicans' "five-point plan" to get America back on track and shared some of the details surrounding the Romney-Ryan plan. He also defended Romney's generosity, humanizing the candidate and calling him both generous and a "good man."

As far as the 47 percent debacle, after making pointed statements about his vision for the future, Ryan turned Biden's criticisms against the vice-president, poking fun at his history of gaffes.

"With respect to that quote [Romney's 47 percent], I think the vice-president very well knows -- that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way."

The crowd erupted with laughter. Watch it below:

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