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Ed Klein: Clinton Legal Team Reviews Cables -- Claim Hillary Request for Benghazi Security 'Wasn't Carried Out


As the author of bestselling books on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Ed Klein has studied the ambitions of both prominent Democrats as well as the inner workings of the Obama White House. On TheBlaze TV Tuesday, Klein tells Andrew Wilkow that the Clintons are not happy with the "Chicago gang" in the White House that is trying desperately to assure no blame for the disaster in Benghazi is put on the president. Realizing that the Chicago forces were looking to place the blame on Hillary, Klein reports that Bill Clinton set up a legal team for the Secretary of State several weeks back, should she have to answer any subpoena by the House.

Klein told Wilkow Tuesday that the Clinton legal team looked through cable traffic between Benghazi and State Deptartment, and claim Hillary actually asked that security be beefed up and "somewhere in the Obama Administration that order wasn't carried out."

Watch a clip featuring these shocking reports below:

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