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Pro-Assad Facebook Page Claims 'Heroic' Iranian Regime Orchestrated Hurricane Sandy


"This is the consequence of attacking Assad’s Syria and threatening its security."

(Photo: AFP)

(Photo: AFP)

In the wake of the devastating hurricane that left the financial capital of the United States in chaos, many are trying to figure out what happened, and how we could have been better prepared.  Was global warming a factor?  Should we have had some extra food and water to avoid the horrible sight of empty store shelves?

According to Syrian Army News, a pro-Assad Syrian Facebook page, there was actually little we could have done.  Why?  Little did we know, they say, but Hurricane Sandy was actually a terrorist attack.

Yes, Assad supporters within the Syrian government are claiming a collection of brilliant scientists from the "heroic" Iranian regime used "highly advanced" technology to control the elements.  Needless to say, the Assad supporters are claiming Syrian scientists helped out, as well.

The Washington Post translates from Syrian Army News:

Sources confirm that hurricane Sandy, now buffeting the U.S., was carried out by highly advanced technology developed by the heroic Iranian regime, in coordination with our resistant regime. These sources have also confirmed that experts from Syria have contributed in carrying out this work. This is the consequence of attacking Assad’s Syria and threatening its security.

According to the Washington Post-- though the article was quickly shared and commented on over a thousand times-- most of the commentary appears to be derisive or mocking.  The most common statement was something along the lines of, "hahahaha."  Though many pro-Assad social media sites are tangibly linked to the Syrian government, it is unclear how autonomous this particular Facebook page is.

Regardless, the Iranians at least have made similar claims in the past.  In September, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed the West destroyed his country's rain clouds to deliberately induce a drought.

The Weekly Standard concludes: "It would seem that the Resistance has entered the final stages of dementia."

(H/T: WeaselZippers)



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