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Flooding Leads to Another Viral Vid of a Dog Catching a Salmon in the Middle of the Road


Although bears are usually the ones doing the salmon catching as they prepare for hibernation, dogs are having a go at it in Washington state as the migrating fish are swimming over a flooded road.

This dog turned fisherman as salmon were crossing a flooded road. (Image: KOMO screenshot)

Video from KOMO-TV shows one salmon didn't make it Wednesday when it was caught by a dog that walked away with its catch near Union, about 40 miles southwest of Seattle. Check it out:

The salmon-crossing-the-road scene is replayed nearly every year on the Skokomish River. It frequently floods after heavy rain in the Olympic Mountains. It's also not the first time a dog has been shown to nab one of the fish. Here's a video from a couple years ago:


The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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