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Need a Laugh? Watch Parents Break the News to Their Kids That They Ate All the Halloween Candy


"Did you eat my suckers?"

(Photo: YouTube)

(Photo: YouTube)

Last Halloween, comedian Jimmy Kimmel issued an open challenge to his audience that rapidly exploded into a YouTube sensation with roughly 34 million hits.  The task?  Tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy, then upload video of their response.  The result was so hilarious that Kimmel did it again this year, and it's no less amusing.

From the toddler who collapses on the ground in tears to the children who are way too old to be throwing such tantrums, the video has already been watched thousands of times since being uploaded earlier today.

The first girl appears to take the news relatively well, analyzing the situation in her head before asking seriously: "Did you eat my suckers?"

When the mom says "yes," the girl's face transforms almost immediately into this:

(Photo: YouTube)

When one of the parents says Jimmy Kimmel told her to do it, the child angrily shouts: "I hate you Jimmy Kindle!"  Another morosely cries while simultaneously trying to eat a bowl of cereal.

But the end of the video is perhaps what's most entertaining-- after watching youths of all ages lash out at the terrible news, one energetic little girl unexpectedly hops up and down with a smile and says, "That's otay."

Another boy brushes it off and tells his mom: "That's alright.  I just want you to feel happy."

The video concludes with a precocious little girl responding the way a clever adult might, saying she's not mad, just "sad."  Maybe next year, she hints, they can ​share​ her candy.

Watch the entire video, below:



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