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This Is the Viral Video of a Mother Otter Escaping a Killer Whale (But There's a Heartbreaking Twist)


A few men on a small boat in an Alaskan bay got more than they bargained for when they witnessed a pod of killer whales stalking a mother otter and her young.

In the video captured by the men, the orcas are first filmed coming very close to the boat, which appears to be around the same size in length. Then the travelers see what the whales are really after: the otters.

Eventually, only the mother otter is left. One of the men says that the otter should come up to the boat for protection, and the next thing they know, she's right next to them in the water. With a little vocal encouragement, the mother hops on out of the killer whale infested water.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

After she's taken for a ride, she heartbreakingly begins crying for her young that she can't find.

Momma hops back into the water to search for her young. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch the clip:

The video was uploaded by Joe Miller, who was the GOP candidate in Alaska for U.S. Senate in 2010 but was beat by write-ins for Lisa Murkowski. Miller wrote in the description that the video came from his friend Dusty Harpol who witnessed the scene with Dave Keller on Tutka Bay while on Charlie Largent's boat.

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