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B.S. of A.' Injects Some Comedy Into Election: At Least There Are No More Campaign Ads...

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"The B.S. of A. With Brian Sack," TheBlaze TV's comedy show, posted a video on Election Day with a rather unconventional message.  While everyone else was discussing who would win, they were just excited to be done with the season of negative campaign ads.

Posing as a news anchorman with a photo of Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) behind him, host Brian Sack tells the audience: "We have a bit of breaking news coming in from the state of Ohio, where it's been announced that a new wave of political ads will be hitting the air the ​second​ after the polls close.  This is unprecedented in the history of politics, and from what I'm hearing, it's an attack ad against President Obama..."

Sack then plays the ad, which is assumes is from Mitt Romney or a Republican Super PAC.  When a "Hillary 2016" slogan comes on to remind Americans that "this huge f**king mess isn't her fault," Sack gives a sarcastic send-off.

"And it's begun...I'm going to go and take a bath with my toaster," he says.  "Back to whoever."

Watch "Post-Campaign Commercials," below:



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