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Dramatic Police Standoff Captured on Live TV Ends With a Barrage of Gunfire and Dead Robbery Suspect


A dramatic police chase ended in gunfire and bloodshed on Friday. And it was all caught on tape by local Los Angeles television stations that aired the pursuit without a tape delay.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies found themselves in a tense standoff with a bank robbery suspect who refused to give himself up. As a news anchor explained what was going on to the station's audience, police opened fire on the suspect's vehicle, killing him while the cameras rolled. The unidentified male suspect reportedly fired at officers first after pretending to surrender.

Watch the dramatic video via LiveLeak below (Warning! Graphic Content):

Less than two months ago, Fox News covered a high speed car chase where police eventually cornered a suspect, seemingly bringing the standoff to an end. However, instead of surrendering, the man committed suicide on live television. The graphic and close-up footage of the suicide shocked many viewers, forcing Fox News to issue an apology for airing the footage.

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