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Meet The Amazing Woman Who Shows You How She Lives With No Arms (Including How She Shoots Guns!)


"I would suggest not doing this at home."

"Tisha Unarmed" (Photo: Facebook)

Tisha is a woman born without arms, yet she maintains an amazingly functional lifestyle. But often people want to know how she does it.

Open to explaining, she established a YouTube channel a few months ago to answer these questions video-blog style. In addition to the usual, how I get dressed, put on make-up, eat and drive videos, she has been showing her more than 11,000 subscribers some more obscure tasks as well -- like shooting a gun.

She starts off the video with her usual "Hey everyone this is Tisha Unarmed and I'm here to answer everyone's questions about not having arms." But then she has a twist. "But today, I'm armed," she adds cheekily. As with most of the tasks she completes on a daily basis, gun shooting is done with her feet.

"But, I would suggest not doing this at home," she said. "Safety first."

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

After a brief gun safety lesson and tutorial in types of guns, Tisha gets started. Check it out (Note: She starts shooting at 4:40 and at 6:06 she even reloads):

As you can see, she's either a really good first timer or she's been shooting like this before. Here are the biggest two pieces of advice for shooting guns that she offers:

  1. Don't shoot your friends.
  2. For other armless people: Don't put your toe on the trigger until you're ready to shoot.

Her latest video shows how she tackles a drive-thru window. In the video, she steers the car with her feet, hands her credit card to the cashier with her feet and accepts her fast food bag -- you guessed it -- with her feet. The drinks on the other hand were a different story: she cradled them between her neck and shoulder.

"I'm going to be honest, that was awesome," the cashier said when she saw the way Tisha was able to use her legs and feet.

Watch it for yourself:

Tisha explains more about her condition in this video:

You can keep up with Tisha's activities on her Facebook page, Twitter or on her YouTube channel.

(H/T: Reddit)

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