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Do we really need a 'Thanksgiving' song? (apparently, since this one had 5 million hits in a week)

Image: YouTube screen capture

Remember the wildly popular viral video from Rebecca Black called "It's Friday?" (A clip that was never actually played/posted on TheBlaze.)

We think we've found something more vapid than that song. Something called 'It's Thanksgiving."

If the song has a similar feel to Ms. Black's one-hit-wonder, you can probably thank producer Patrice Wilson. Mr. Wilson co-wrote "Friday, Friday" and is listed as the producer and writer of this mindless ditty about Thanksgiving.

While you are watching the video, take note of a few things that stood out to me:

  • Where are the parents? Only one adult is seen in the entire clip is likely Patrice Wilson.
  • At least the kids seem to be saying a prayer before their Thanksgiving meal.
  • The video sexualizes a very young girl. Nicole Westbrook she sings, "We're gonna have a good time"  as she is shown sitting on her bed.

As stated in the opening. The video already has five million hits.



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