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Lindsey Graham: Romney Digging the GOP Deeper Into a 'Hole


"We're in a death spiral with Hispanic voters because of rhetoric around immigration."

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has never been shy about expressing his disagreements with the wider Republican party, especially on the question of immigration. So great has Graham's outspokenness been on this issue, in fact, that conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has jokingly rechristened him "Lindsey Grahamnesty." However, now that dismal showings with Hispanic voters have become the cause du jour for alarm among GOP strategists, Graham is finally getting his day in the sun.

And he is taking it with a vengeance, unloading on Mitt Romney on today's "Meet the Press" for digging Republicans deeper into a hole with Hispanics that the party has yet to crawl out of properly.

"There’s high unemployment among the Hispanic community. President Obama did not embrace comprehensive immigration reform like he promised, but they voted for him because he’s the lesser of two evils," Graham argued. "Self-deportation being pushed by Mitt Romney hurt our chances. We’re in a death spiral with Hispanic voters because of rhetoric around immigration and candidate Romney, in the primary, dug the hole deeper."

Has Lindsey "Grahamnesty's" day come at last? Watch his full interview with "Meet the Press" below and decide for yourself:


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H/T National Review and Politico

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