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New Era: How Smartphone Apps Are Helping Israelis Stay Informed, Safe During Rocket Attacks


Hundreds of Hamas rockets have been fired into Israel in the current round of fighting, including 75 on Monday, in the conflict which has escalated in the past week. Some Israelis are turning to their smartphone for information that could keep the safe during attacks.

Israelis take cover at a shopping centre parking garage during a rocket attack on November 18. (Photo: Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

According to the Times of Israel, sirens warning of rocket fire might not be heard by all residents, but there are apps that provide warning:

One tool for tracking attack locations is the Red Alert warning app (iPhone, Hebrew only), which lists where the latest siren alerts are taking place. The app alerts users when when a missile is on the way, enabling them to immediately run for cover. Users can limit the alerts to specific areas (such as their own communities), and they can also send comments and messages of encouragement to those who are under attack.

There is also an app that lets residents know of secure areas they can go when alerted of a threat:

According to instructions from the Home Front Command, Israelis need to be aware of protected areas — bomb shelters, underground parking lots, and the like – where they work, live, and travel. Secure Spaces (iPhone and Android),  developed by the Ashdod Municipality, lists protected spaces in specific areas. The app uses your device’s GPS chip to determine your location, and using Google Maps, it displays the location of the closest protected space, as determined by the Home Front Command, including address and distance from where you are. Tel Aviv residents can also access a Google Maps page which lists the protected spaces in their city.

Israelis gather inside a bomb shelter after a rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip on November 18. (Photo: Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images)

Overall, three Israelis have been killed and dozens wounded by the Hamas rocket fire. The Israelis have intercepted hundreds of rockets destined for populated areas though. On the Palestinian side, 94 have been killed (50 of them civilians) and about 720 are reported wounded.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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