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Real News:' Israel and Gaza at War


The shelling between Israel and the Gaza strip is in its sixth day – and although all sides claim they are looking for a diplomatic solution – it seems clear as the death toll on each side mounts and civilian casualties rise, the international community is growing concerned about whether or not the conflict escalates further.  This is arguably the first “post-arab spring” conflict in the region and it is testing old allegiances and new paradigms. Hamas, for example, may have came to the negotiating table much sooner. But now, with a rising Islamic-political presence in the region, Hamas could be seeking to exploit the changes in the region by listing demands of Israel. Israel used to be able to count on the Mubarak regime to put behind the scenes pressure on Hamas and Palestinian leaders to end violence. With Mohammed Morsi now in charge in Egypt, the scenario has changed.

Navigating through this all will be a test for President Obama, who during the campaign said he pledged 100 percent support of Israel.

The "Real News" panel Monday broke down the latest news in the current conflict, what this means for changing dynamics in the post-arab spring world, and what we have seen thus far and can expect from President Obama. Watch a clip below with guest Jonathan Schanzer:

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