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UPDATED: Riot or Wal-Mart on Black Friday? Wild Footage From a Georgia Store Shows Chaos


Those of you sitting in your warm homes this morning having second thoughts about whether or not you should have ventured to retailers with the crowds of the world for Black Friday deals need to see this video.

LiveLeak.com posted this video shortly after midnight of Black Friday shoppers participating in a near riot when a product display is ripped open. Violent pushing (00:20), frightening screams (00:24), sirens (00:43), stiff arm and response bite (00:46), but all worth it for a great deal--right? Watch the chaotic scene from the Moultrie, Georgia Wal-Mart below:

UPDATE: Footage of same chaos with better audio now on Youtube:

(H/T: BusinessInsider)

UPDATED 10:53am: New angle from Moultrie Wal-Mart madness

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