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Turkey Gangs Terrorize Boston Suburb


Turkey Gang Intimidates Driver on University Rd. In Brookline (Youtube)

Just outside Boston lies Brookline, a prestigious suburb that is the hometown of Conan O'Brien, and where John F. Kennedy was born and spent the first 10 years of his life. It may end up being remembered as where the Turkey resistance began.

Multiple outlets are reporting that gangs of aggressive Turkeys have been seen roaming the neighborhood in recent days.

“I’ve had them come after me,” Brookline resident Jocelyn Guggenheim told ABCnews.com. “I cross the street to avoid them and I’ve never done that around a wild animal, even though I grew up in the woods.”

The bird, which can grow up to 20 pounds and 4 feet tall,  is not uncommon to appear in the neighborhood; but their behavior of late has surprised some. CBS Boston reports that complaints to Brookline Police about wild turkeys have doubled in the past two months, with many people saying they've been chased by turkeys on their way to work.

Frustrated resident Karen Halvorson, who tells CBS she has been attacked at her car and front door by scratching turkeys, is working with town leaders to organize a meeting about the problem.

ABC News reports that successful reintroduction efforts have grown the state’s fall turkey population to around 20,000 birds. A simple YouTube search of Brookline Turkeys brings up multiple videos of the bird in rabid packs roaming the suburb. This WEBN report posted from Youtube user cmc1818 in 2007 describes the turkey problem and police response:

With the growing number of unfriendly encounters, experts tell ABC that the best way to avoid a confrontation with a wild turkey is to steer clear of it if possible, to not be intimidated, and spray water at the bird if available. WBZ reports on the turkey issue in Brookline this holiday season:

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