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Viral Vid: Toddler Becomes Star of the Show After Launching Impromptu Duet With Street Performer

(Photo: YouTube via Yahoo)

(Photo: YouTube via Yahoo)

Street music is often considered an art form of its own.  Its performers work in all climates and conditions, for audiences that may not necessarily care to hear them.  One toddler, though, recently became so fascinated by the music that it began singing along.  Not long after, it was unclear who the crowd was cheering for-- the singer or the young child.

Though the video begins with the baby's shrill tones competing with those of the street performer, the amateur musician catches on remarkably quickly, and seems to be trying to initiate a duet.  As the street performer gracefully bows out, the baby continues without a care, reveling in the applause.

Yahoo News has more on the story:

It's a mystery how this adorable child bundled up in a stroller ended up joining a street performer in a duet. But the toddler can belt out a tune and, thanks to the video filmed by Kamil Litwinowicz, is now catching the attention of the Web.

Someone, probably dad, is seen at the beginning of the clip positioning the stroller next to the singer, who is performing on the main square in Krakow, Poland. He then walks off camera to enjoy the show, which quickly becomes a duet—and a Web hit.

Even though the tyke doesn't know the words to the operatic melody—they come out as basically "goo goo ga ga"—the kid is in tune and even overshadows the professional.

The video of the child's musical stylings, posted on Dec. 2, have hit a high note, with more than 620,000 views on YouTube.

And here's the video:



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