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Merry Christmas B***hes': Urban Outfitters Under Fire for F-bombs & Expletives in 'Offensive' Holiday Catalogue

Photo Credit: Fox News/Urban Outfitters

Editor's Note: This story contains expletives. 

Urban Outfitters is known for its sometimes edgy, offensive and far-left messaging. The clothing company is no stranger to controversy, with various designs, emblems and other related marketing materials regularly creating a stir. Now, rather than seeking to simply instill cheer, Urban Outfitters' new holiday catalogue is purportedly looking to spark angst, as the company is selling and touting numerous items with expletives on them.

Photo Credit: Fox News/Urban Outfitters

According to, a new sales catalogue features a memory book with the words "Let's F**king Reminisce" on it, a holiday mug that reads, "Merry B**ches" and a candle which also has the f-word on it. Naturally, considering the fact that young people regularly shop at the retailer, some parents are taking note and railing against these designs.

And these aren't the only curious items. Fox News notes that there's an $18 flask present on the company's web site that reads, "That s**t cray," BYOB gummi bears and a "stick 'em up iPhone stand" (complete with a tiny, plastic gun as an accessory). There's also a "Merry Christmas B**ches" banner, available for those looking to spice up their holiday parties.

Monica Cole, director of the American Family Association's One Million Moms division, notes that this tactic of selling controversial materials is par for the course for Urban Outfitters -- the company that owns numerous brands and chains, including Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, Terrain, and BHLDN.

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

"This really isn’t anything new for them," she told Fox. "Their catalog has offensive profanities on products and little knickknacks, T-shirts -- you name it. And so many teenagers shop there."

The controversial catalogue is just now making its way into peoples' mailboxes, thus sparking discussion and debate surrounding the products presented within it. But while conservative groups and parents may be up in arms, marketing expert John Tantillo believes that the controversy actually helps Urban Outfitters and the businesses that fall under its umbrella.

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

"College students really don’t care about using salty language and it’s great publicity to those who object to it," Tantillo claims. "So, it’s perfect, and if they wanted to discontinue the items they could, but it got guys like me to talk about it – so it’s very smart."

In the past, Urban Outfitters has come under fire for pro-President Obama t-shirts, a clothing design that appeared to include the Star of David, lesbian imagery in ads, anti-Christian and anti-capitalist messaging and Navajo-inspired clothing. These, of course, are only a few of the never-ending controversies. The new holiday catalogue simple adds to the mix.

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