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Hear the Annoying Tactic One Union Is Using to Protest in Philly That Has Residents Going Crazy


​"It's not helping them."

There aren't many people who can stand the sound of a crying baby (it's probably why baby's were created that way -- if so many could ignore it, the baby's cry would be pointless). And the local IBEW union in Philadelphia is using that to its advantage to stage a protest at local apartment complex. But the tactic may now be backfiring, as the union's choice to blast a crying baby over loud speakers outside the residence for seven hours a day is driving the inhabitants nuts.

"I know everybody says they've got their rights," Jean Smith told WTXF-TV, "and that's fine. But don't we have rights too, that we have to hear this constantly -- every day?"

Yes, every day. According to the station, the union sets up shop outside the complex like clockwork to protest the building using non-union workers to make some renovations. It then plays this message, followed by a crying baby, from 8 a.m. until mid-afternoon: "Your community is crying for jobs, participation and fair wages."

But resident David Dickson captures what seems to be the sentiment of the residents: "The crying of the baby- it doesn't give them no sympathy. It's not helping them."

"They don't seem to care," another woman added, explaining that residents approached the union nicely about the soundtrack but workers ignored their pleas.

WTXF-TV has the report:

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"It's well within the law," union boss John Dougherty told the station. "It's within the first amendment. I'm not apologizing."

But with public sentiment turning against the union, he has agreed to alter the message -- slightly. Now he said he will play Christmas carols, not the crying baby, until after the holidays.

As for the reason they are protesting: the building says it gave the union the option to bid on the job, but the union lost to a private contractor.



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