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Oliver North on Wilkow: There's Not Going to Be an End to Massacres Just Because You Change the Appearance of a Weapon


Ret. Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North is a member of the board of directors of the National Rifle Association, and during interview on Tuesday's 'Wilkow' breifly spoke on reactions to the terrible shooting in Newton, Connecticut Friday.

"What we're about to see is a consequence of the massacare--and that's what it was, not a tragedy, it's a massacare," North said in reflection of the shooting at an elementary school that left 20 children under ten dead. "The massacare up there was not caused by guns, it was caused by a person who was mentally ill or demonic, I don't know which.

"The bottom line is, there's not going to be an end to massacres just because somebody changes the shape, size,configuration, appearance of a weapon....we've done that before" North said.

North then said that following this terrible event in Connecticut, gun control legislation will be introduced, and he speculated that we will discover the Obama administration's hopes on implementing the United Nations goals on arms trade.

"In other words, the United Nations will take care of abridging our Second Amendment rights, that's where we're heading with this administration," said North.

North was on TheBlaze TV Tuesday to promote his new novel "Heroes Proved." Watch a clip of North's appearance below:

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