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The Most Amazing (Screaming) Weather Forecast You Will Probably Ever See: 'Wi-Scon-Sin's Getting A Lot of Snow!


If you watch one light-hearted video today, make it this one.

This is Franky McDonald from Canada. He has his own YouTube channel. And on Tuesday, he gave the most amazing weather forecast you will ever see regarding the Midwest snowstorm hitting Wisconsin and other states this week. There are just no words. You have to watch:

As a native Wisconsinite, I only wish we had such a warning before every snowstorm when I was growing up.

Now, if you're wondering about Franky, he's actually quite a YouTube star. His videos have hundreds of thousands of hits, and he seems to have a special place for weather updates on his channel. You would be wise to spend some time checking them out and giving Franky a boost in traffic.

[Editor's note: By the way, there was discussion on our BlazeCast as to whether posting this video was mocking a person who might be mentally challenged. We are not. Franky seems to have a great time doing his videos, and we are happy to feature him and give him more attention.]

(H/T: My aunt)

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