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Kerry endorsed by Washington Post again


Other than Senate Republicans threatening to start a stink unless Hillary Clinton testifies on the Benghazi debacle, most people expect Sen. John Kerry's confirmation for state secretary to go without a hitch.

That includes the Washington Post, which lent Kerry its endorsement for the job today:

In nominating Sen. John F. Kerry for secretary of state, President Obama observed that “in a sense, John’s entire life has prepared him for this role.” Mr. Kerry, a decorated Vietnam veteran, has been an activist in foreign affairs since his arrival in the Senate in 1985. A consistent advocate of U.S. leadership, he has forged personal ties with top politicians in scores of countries. Even his failed 2004 presidential campaign left him with experience managing a large organization and its daily challenges. ...

Mr. Kerry’s confirmation as secretary of state would be a rare achievement for a losing presidential candidate. It’s one he has earned, and we expect he would serve the country well.

This is round 2 for the Post in Kerry endorsements. Back in 2004, it endorsed him for president.

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