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Howard Stern Fan Crashes Live Fox News Report -- And You Won't Believe What He Said


"I think you just made the Howard Stern Show."

(Fox Business)

(Fox Business)

As Fox Business' Lauren Simonetti reported live from Times Square in New York, an apparent Howard Stern fanatic -- wearing what seemed to be "Honey Boo Boo" glasses -- crashed her report by screaming about the shock-jock's genitalia.

"Baba Booey!" the man first shouted, followed by "Howard Stern's penis!"

If you have ever watched "The Howard Stern Show," you know that both phrases are sometimes used by Stern fans when they interrupt live television events like this one in Times Square. The point of such a prank is to garner attention for Stern's show -- which apparently it did.

Simonetti remained professional and continued with her report, but the man continued to scream about Stern's private parts. She eventually stepped away from the man and finished the segment.

Fox Business host Rick Folbaum apologized to any viewers who were offended by the man's outburst, while Arthel Neville told Simonetti that "we've all been there."

"I think you just made the Howard Stern Show," Folbaum added.

Watch the segment via Fox Business/Mediaite (Content Warning):

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