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Minn. Reporter Gets Shellacked on Live TV During Football Segment...By Her Own Cameraman!


"I'm okay!"

On Saturday, KARE-TV reporter Lee Valsvik was at a local restaurant hyping the day's playoff game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers. In order to spice things up, the crew decided to feature the local restaurant mixologist throwing a pass to the cameraman. Sounds harmless. Until the cameraman took it a little too far.

The segment ended with a bang -- or rather a crash. Valsvik can be heard falling violently into the table and glass breaking. She would say later she is fine -- and even did jumping jacks to prove it. Watch it all unfold:

Unfortunately for Valsvik, the Vikings did end up losing to the Packers later that night.

(H/T: Yahoo! Sports)

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