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TMI or Good, Clean Family Fun? Ultrasound Parties a Growing Tend


“It’s more of an experience and less of an in-and-out procedure."

(Image: Baby Face & More)

What used to be an intimate moment for an expecting couple -- an ultrasound -- is now being opened up to extended family and friends, Lela Davidson explained in a report for NBC's Today Moms.

Davidson detailed one such party as having drinks and snacks available for viewers who were chatting with each other before the main event. Once ready, the lights were dimmed, the guests gathered and the gel was squeezed to allow the aww-ing to commence.

Kimberly Enderle, a 29-year-old from Arkansas, called it "our opportunity to see those little fingers and toes again," according to Today.

Davidson included professional ultrasound technicians Teena Gold and Christy Foster, who own Baby Face and More, in her report. Gold told Davidson that gender reveal parties are what bring in most of their work, for which they have a mobile ultrasound machine. A private event at one's home with a 3D/4D scan costs up to $300.

Here's how the pair view their work:

“It’s more of an experience and less of an in-and-out procedure,” said Gold, pointing out that medical ultrasound often does not allow parents to savor the wonder of the life growing inside them.

“This way gets you out of that clinic setting,” added Foster.

This is an example of the level of detail a 3D/4D scan goes into. (Image: Baby Face & More/Facebook)

There are some that caution about engaging in such gatherings for various reasons though. One such reason, Davidson wrote, is the potential for something to go wrong. If there isn't a heartbeat detected or if something else is wrong with the fetus, then the parents are having to deal with that in a more public setting. If such an event were to happen though, Foster explained that they would take the mother aside and advise her to call a doctor.

Davidson also pointed out that the FDA is against unnecessary ultrasounds due to the unknown long-term effects of such exposure. Overall, ultrasounds are considered safe.

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Read more details about ultrasound parties in Davidson's article here.

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