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Palestinians Pitch Tents at Israeli Site to Protest Jewish Communities

Photo source: Haaretz

Photo source: Haaretz

Palestinian activists -- some 200 of them -- are at it again, this time erecting no less than 50 tents along the E1 corridor connecting Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria. In November, Israel announced that the site is intended for new Jewish homes. Of course, the Palestinians, who've named their outpost Baab al Shams, or Arabic for “sunny gateway," claim that the Jewish community will obstruct the continuity of a future Palestinian state, but bypass roads would maintain that contiguity.

According to the Associated Press, the demonstrators claim their desire to erect a village in the E1 corridor is to "establish facts on the ground."

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, meanwhile, informed the press that the protesters had been served with trespassing documents. Whether or not legal action will be taken remains unclear.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced he would build homes in E1, situated on a key route linking Palestinian areas of Jerusalem to the West Bank, after the U.N.'s move to move the Palestinians one step closer to statehood.

While actual construction of the Jewish community is reportedly years away, given the Palestinians' successful U.N. bid and their consistent cries of "subjugation," the plans will no doubt continue to be met with opposition.

A video posted by JewishNewsOne provides footage:

The Associated Press contributed to this story. 

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