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We Dare You to Watch This Real-Life 'Spiderman' Video Without Gasping


"Huge roof gap jump"

Looking down (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The title of the YouTube video says only "Huge Roof Gap Hump." It isn't until you start watching it that you realize the jumper has a GoPro camera strapped to his head giving you a nail-biting perspective of what it looks like to climb a few stories up a building's pipe and then leap from one roof to another.

Yes, he does look down mid-jump.

Climbing up (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Peeking over the edge (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Leaping (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Looking down (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Check it out:

According to the video's description, the jump took place in Chicago.

But some have questioned just how big this "huge" gap really is. One commenter wrote:

It is a relatively small gap with a wide angle lens to make it look bigger and with slow mo during the jump to make it last longer. I do not approve, especially since more idiots are just going to outdo this one and getting themselves hurt because they don't realize they've been tricked.


It was definitely a 1 (or 2) story jump down overall being at a 3-4 story height when starting, but the distance itself isn't out of the ordinary to jump across. Once again I'm just trying to point out to people they shouldn't try to duplicate this just to get attention and probably hurt themselves..

The commenter continued to say that he has done similar jumps and edits to make the distance appear further.

From our observations, the two buildings are on a slight diagonal from each other so the jump might have been a bit wider than the width of the alley.



(H/T: Gizmodo)

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