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Guy Behind Insane Johnny Manziel Trick Football Video Reveals How Many Takes It Took to Film This Unbelievable Shot


"...internet gold."

Last year, there seemed to be a rush of trick shot videos that swept the Internet. Many were good, a few were great. But after awhile, the trend died. But last week, the craze resurrected itself with an amazing video that even we missed. The trickster? None other than the latest Heisman Trophy Johnny Manziel.

Maybe you've seen the video, maybe you haven't. If you haven't, take five minutes to enjoy. You'll see him "shooting" clay pigeons with a football, popping balloons off a goal post, and then the incredible feat of sinking a football into a basketball hoop from the top of a stadium:

Now watch the video that has over 1.5 million views on YouTube. After, we'll reveal what the guy behind it says about how long it took and how many takes were involved:

Amazing, isn't it? However, if you're part of the crew that thinks maybe it's a hoax, the man behind it went on Fox News Monday morning and said no way.

"Definitely no video editing involved," Cory Cotton, one of the minds behind the "Dude Perfect" trick videos said. Instead, he said it took about seven hours to film everything and by the end, the crew had 32 minutes of "internet gold."

So what about the climax of the video where Manziel throws a football from the very top of Texas A&M's stadium and makes it into a basketball hoop on the field? According to Cotton, it only took five throws before Manziel "swished" it.


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