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Here's the Bizarre Will Ferrell Super Bowl Ad That You'll Wish You Never Watched


Unless you live in certain parts of Texas, Montana, or Oklahoma, chances are you didn’t see this bizarre Old Milwaukee Super Bowl commercial from last night.

And you didn't miss out on much:

So, yeah, that’s actor and comedian Will Ferrell making out with an older woman for, like, a solid minute. That’s it. That’s the whole commercial.

Now we understand Ferrell is known for his quirky humor, but there has to be some sort of a set-up and punch line, right?

Heck, the Old Milwaukee ad from last year’s Super Bowl, which was only seen by residents of North Platte, Neb., was at least kind of entertaining:

Maybe we’re missing something. Maybe it's ultra-sophisticated humor and we're just not smart enough to "get it." Or maybe, just maybe, the entire purpose of the commercial was to get everyone talking about it -- and apparently, it worked.

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