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You Won't Believe What These People Saw At Their Front Doors After Snowstorm Nemo


As snowstorm Nemo continues its move out to sea, people up and down the East Coast have been left to deal with its aftermath -- and some of it is pretty unbelievable:

Get that? Here’s a closer look at the picture in the video:


And this is by no means the only example of a New Englander who got “snowed in” by Nemo. Check out some of these other pictures:




Penobscot Bay Pilot

Penobscot Bay Pilot

Photo by Elyse Socker

Photo by Kim Dunn

Let the digging out begin:

Here are some photos showing just how hard Nemo hit certain towns:


Courtesy Heather Littlefield

“Up to my taller son's chest & it would've been over my shorter son's head.” Twitter


“Yup, the tractor died and Marshall shoveled a walking path down the 1,000 foot driveway…” Twitter

But you know, while most of us would approach a five-foot wall of snow with both dread and loathing, we guess it’s all just a matter of perspective. Just ask these kids:

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Featured image courtesy Getty Images.

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