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Female Golfer Gets Bitten by Deadly Black Widow Spider During Tournament -- What She Did Next Is Incredible


Daniela Holmqvist (Twitter)

While playing in a pre-qualifier for the Women's Australian Open in Yarralumla, Australia, Ladies European Tour rookie Daniela Holmqvist felt a sharp pain in her leg on the fourth hole. When she looked at her leg, she saw a black spider crawling off of her, which her caddies immediately identified as the deadly Black Widow.

The pain in her leg was instantaneous and severe. Holmqvist's caddies told her that venom from a Black Widow can kill a child in just half an hour, so they knew something had to be done fast. Most people would probably head straight to the emergency room -- but not Holmqvist.

As her leg started to swell, the golfer pulled a golf tee from her pocket, cut open her skin and squeezed the venom out. The Yahoo! Sports blog "Devil Ball Golf" speculates, quite accurately, that Holmqvist just may be the toughest golfer in the world.

"A clear fluid came out," Holmqvist said. "It wasn't the prettiest thing I've ever done, but I had to get as much of it out of me as possible."

Then she finished the tournament, finishing out her round and shooting a 74. Unfortunately, she was four strokes short of qualifying, though she probably should've gotten a few strokes taken off for playing after getting bit by a Black Widow.

Holmqvist seems to be embracing her new nickname: "The spider woman." Oh, and she also went to an actual doctor later on and is recovering nicely.

"So I went to see a doctor.. On a double dose of antibiotics and some other stuff 4 times per day. Also the wound needed some attention," she tweeted, later adding: "I asked the doctor if I could do a workout today... Her response 'the death-stare.'"

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