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The evolution of Kirsten Powers, former liberal


Of all the Democrats employed by Fox News, Kirsten Powers and Alan Colmes are arguably the most convincing in terms of being real liberals. Others like Democratic Pollster Patrick Caddell and Strategist Doug Schoen are kind of milquetoast liberals. The kind that Sean Hannity brings in to say that Democrats are actually wrong on most things Democrats believe in.

Powers is joining them.

In another life (which began in 2004), Powers was an aggressive critic of the Bush administration and the War on Terror. She famously tussled with Fox anchor Megyn Kelly over the Black Panthers case (Powers said it was a non -story). Last summer on Hannity, up against three conservatives, she vigorously defendedPresident Obama's plan to raise taxes on higher-income Americans.

What happened to that Powers?

The latest example of Powers' evolution into the perfect Fox News Democrat ala Caddell is her new column in USA Today on Obama's State of the Union speech...:

[I]sn't there a rule about how many times you can use the same line in a speech? Doesn't basic etiquette and decency prevent us from ever hearing this again: "A tax code that ensures billionaires with high-powered accountants can't pay a lower rate than their hard-working secretaries."Yes, we know: Warren Buffett is your friend and his secretary pays a higher tax rate that he does. Is this really the only way to demonstrate the tax code needs to be reformed? ...Contrary to the claims of both sides, Obama is not a liberal visionary with deep desires to institute a progressive agenda. If he is, he's a miserable failure. You need look no further than his own record (starting with foreign policy) and then Tuesday night's speech for evidence. Banalities and tropes are not a governing philosophy or a plan.

Before that, Powers wrote a lengthy column on FoxNews.com criticizing Obama and liberals in general for their distaste for her employer: "That more liberals aren’t calling out the White House for this outrageous behavior [toward Fox] tells you something about the state of liberalism in America today," she wrote.

Powers has also spoken out, more than once, against the Obama administration's drone program, while few other Democrats have.

Last year she came down on "top Democrats and top liberals" who go on "misogynist" Bill Maher's HBO show "like it's no problem."

In her USA Today column, Powers is after Obama's SOTU remarks in every which way possible: On climate change ("despotic, not liberal"), gun control ("manipulative and empty") and on the deficit ("He spoke of it as if it had just magically appeared yesterday when, in fact, he has been ignoring it for four years while running it up").

RIP liberal Kirsten Powers 2004-2013

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