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Wilkow Reaction to SOTU: Obama's Only Idea Is to Spend


'Wilkow!' Wednesday opened up grading Tuesday night's State of the Union address from the president, and responses from Sens. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. The president's speech came out further to the left than many had anticipated, with a strong economic populist message and policy proposals for Congress on a minimum wage raise, cap-and-trade, and preschool for every child in America. While many of these proposals may seem tough to argue against, conservatives say the funding is just not there. What is the president's answer to the millions who have lost their job under his watch? Should he not be examining where our current programs that are failing, and ask how he can ease constraints on a struggling the private sector?

"No matter how much the president changes his language or packaging, he doesn’t have any new ideas," Andrew Wilkow said on TheBlaze TV Wednesday.  "His only idea is to keep spending!"

Wilkow was joined Wednesday to discuss the president's speech with David Freddoso, author of "Spin Masters," and Adam Freedman, author of "The Naked Constitution."  Watch a clip from Wednesday's show below:

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