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Man Makes Strange Life-Saving Discovery in His Backpack After Getting Stranded in the Australian Outback


"Eat your heart out, Bear Grylls. Your perfect vision is a detriment to survival."

(Photo via Yahoo)

(Photo via Yahoo)

18-year-old Samuel Woodhead decided to go for a jog in the Australian outback last week, but ended up stranded for three days after losing his sense of direction.  Not originally planning to stay out for more than a few hours, the British citizen only had a liter of water and it was roughly 100 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the U.K. Guardian.

So how did he survive? An unexpected discovery of contact lenses in his backpack, apparently.

His mother, Claire, explained:

"[Woodhead's] father had packed boxes of contact lenses in his rucksack in an outside pocket and he'd forgotten to take them out.  He's lived on the fluid that the contact lenses … you know the little packs of contact lenses?  He's literally lived on those packs of contact lenses for three nights."

William Morris, a commander of the local emergency services, said Woodhead lost a staggering 15 kilograms (approx. 33 pounds) during the ordeal.

Though the entire experience was a "nightmare," his parents said, they are relieved to know their son is out of harm's way and will make a full recovery.

"He looks fantastic. He's suntanned. His mouth isn't blistered. He looks great," his mother said, noting how lucky the family is.

Yahoo's quirky Broken News Daily concludes with a word for the survivalist of "Man vs. Wild:" "Eat your heart out, Bear Grylls. Your perfect vision is a detriment to survival."

Here's their unique take on the story:

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