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Obama Web Site Invokes Teen's Tragic Loss to Urge Americans to Share Their Stories About Gun Violence


"I simply don't understand why Congress doesn't act right away."

A screen shot from BarackObama.com

On Wednesday, Organizing for Action, the non-profit organization set up as the successor to President Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign, sent an e-mail to supporters with a subject line that read, "I'm doing this for my dad."

Inside, recipients found a note from a teenager named Sami Rahamim. The young man shared the details of his father's tragic shooting death last year and encouraged those reading the letter to submit their own, personal stories to the organization recapping how gun violence has impacted their lives.

Sami's father, Reuven Rahamim, was killed last September after a disgruntled ex-worker came into the business he founded and murdered six workers (including Rahamim). Since the incident, his son has become an advocate, speaking out fervently about gun violence. Sami's work has captured the attention of the Obama camp, as he is being invoked to help in the president's push for increased gun control.

A screen shot from BarackObama.com

"I'm honoring his memory -- and those of many others who have fallen -- by doing something about gun violence," the teen's e-mail read. "When I think of the number of lives that could have been saved by universal background checks or better access to mental health services, I simply don't understand why Congress doesn't act right away."

The note calls for "sensible solutions" and "common-sense legislation." The end goal, according to Sami, is to get "dangerous weapons out of the wrong hands."

Readers are then taken to a link that encourages them to tell their stories.

Photo Credit: BarackObama.com

Sami also recorded a video about his work to prevent gun violence:

A collection of submitted stories is presented on Obama's web site, with the tragic details of lives lost to gun crime presented in full; Sami's story is among the many shown.

From a woman describing the pain resulting from her son's injuries at Virginia Tech to another story about a young boy who was killed during an armed robbery in Detroit, the stories certainly tug at Americans' heart strings. Even those who have never personally experienced gun violence have shared their stories.

"I'm an Ohio high school student, and while I don't believe gun control is the ultimate solution to stopping gun violence, it is certainly our best bet to begin stepping in the right direction," wrote one individual.

Another added, "I have never directly experienced gun violence on a personal level but hear far too often of people who have been adversely affected by the proliferation of guns in our society."

See all of the stories here.

(H/T: CNS News)

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