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What You Had to Say: Columbine Survivor Pens Open Letter to Obama


"Clearly it’s the inanimate guns doing all the horrible things to each other."



Columbine shooting survivor Evan Todd this week released an open letter to President Barack Obama picking apart gun control proposals point-by-point.

"I personally witnessed two fellow students murder twelve of my classmates and one teacher,” Todd wrote. “The assault weapons ban did not deter these two murderers, nor did the other thirty-something laws that they broke.”

The letter lit up TheBlaze comments. Here's what some of you had to say:


Does anyone remember Prohibition – it was Congress that created that monster. Thugs like Al Capone got rich. Police and politicians got rich taking bribes to turn their heads and look the other way, Police chiefs got rewards to inform if a raid was to take place. If the bill by Boxer goes through we will have a whole new lawless enterprise develop Guns will be bootlegged in from Canada and Mexico like booze was during Prohibition Guns will come in shipping containers like drugs do now.


Nice letter but a waste of time. Obama doesn’t care about saving any American lives. He will do what he always does and pander to those who elect Democrats. Look at the Border issue. Extremely dangerous criminals are aloud to freely come into the US, endanger the citizenry and for what? Just so the Dems have a few more votes. Note: I am not referring to all illegals just the drug gang, sex slave, assassin types. I now live in a safe area of AZ but a stretch of road I used to take all the time (Hwy 8) is now considered to be the most dangerous place in the Country. Good going Obama and ilk. If you happen to have the misfortune of your car breaking down there you are likely to be murdered for whatever possessions you may have on you or kidnapped and held for ransom. This is not some bad neighborhood that you shouldn’t be driving in but a beautiful stretch of highway in the open desert.


Gun laws won’t change the criminal behavior in people. Criminals will remain criminal and will access guns as they always have and commit crimes, while law-abiding people will follow the rule of the law(s) and find themselves unable to protect themselves.


Clearly it’s the inanimate guns doing all the horrible things to each other. Yes ban all the guns, that makes all the sense in the world. No I don’t think I need to take responsibility for myself or others around me. Please take away any blunt or sharp objects too. Me being a sane person, who has respect for other human life, might get a bit mad and stab people.

I laugh when I read stories like this “calling out” Obama. Does everyone realize that even if he did try to pass a law, it would get “shot” down instantly my congress? So… we blame him for not doing anything? You tell me exactly how it would work and I’ll listen. Also, Obama has “talked” about gun laws but not once, NOT ONCE, has he ever tried putting something into law. It would never go anywhere in legislation and everyone anti-gun would hate him even more because he wasn’t able to make it happen. And all the pro-gun people would be outraged as usual, “He gonna tek r gunnns!”

Who’s got some positive solutions that would actually work? I know I don’t but I’d rather hear solutions then just someone, in pure American style, complaining about everything.


When a horrible, evil event like Columbine or Virginia Tech happens we wonder why some survive while others perish with no obvious discrimination. A ten year old Jewish boy living in Romania was deported to the concentration camps in about 1940. Somehow, some way he survived, grew up, moved to America and became an aerospace engineer. He lived a successful life as a university professor. He continued teaching long after he could have retired. On April 16, 2007 he left his wife and walked to work at Virginia Tech. That day he fought pure evil at the door of his classroom. He gave his life but saved 23 students in his class room. Now we know why a ten year old boy survived the Holocaust.

Writing a letter may seem small in comparison, but each must do the task that is presented to us. Today, with your letter you are a hero too.


There is no argument for having a gun especially in a public place. How stupid would it be to arm quote the supposed good people (no such thing) because anyone at anytime could decide to snap. By no means would I EVER want my children attending a school where the teacher, principle, counselor, nurse, janitor, school bus driver, because basically you’d have to arm everyone professional in the school. That is the dumbest crap I’ve ever heard I’d rather take my chances with someone having a back ground check than none at all. The same money you would waste by ARMING the school with weapons you could spend on detectors or some other form of protection like police. The only people who find this ridiculousness statement appealing are gun totters. Guns have the tendancy to give quote GOOD PEOPLE balls

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