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Calm down! Michelle Obama did not 'intrude' on, 'crash' or 'hijack' the Oscars


By some reports, you'd think Michelle Obama had set up her own camera crew at the White House and interrupted last night's Academy Awards via satellite to demand $100 million (or at least more Oscars for Django Unchained).

"Obama crashes Oscars," read the Drudge Report's headline.

Washington Post's conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin said that Obama clearly felt "entitled ... to intrude" on the occasion.

A headline from Breitbart News said Obama "interrupts: hijacks the Oscars."

That's not what happened...

The daughter of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein cooked up the scheme idea, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

According to Academy president Hawk Koch, the plan came from Weinstein and his daughter, Lily. Koch and Oscar show producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron loved the idea. And when it was pitched to the first lady, Zadan told The Hollywood Reporter that her response was, "Yes, I think it's a great idea. We watch movies all the time at the White House. Let's do it."

Maybe some people didn't want to see Obama there. But let's agree that she didn't blow a hole through the ceiling and toss in a smoke bomb before swiping actress Quvenzhane Wallis's dog purse.

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