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Paid activists: Volunteering is for suckers


Over at the Daily Caller, Patrick Howley highlights a common practice among progressive organizations -- paid "volunteering" for a cause.  In this case, increased gun control:

The liberal organization Progressive USA Voters, which is housed in the same progressive Denver office building as a chapter of the infamous left-wing astroturf group ProgressNow, is offering an hourly wage of between $9 and $11 to join its gun-control campaign in Chicago, according to a flyer that was photographed and posted to Reddit Friday.

“Join the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence” reads the flyer, which also notes, “Hourly Wage: $9-11/hr.”

Gee, I don't recall any postings like this calling for paid Tea Party workers when the conservative movement was deemed as "astroturf."  Do you?

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