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Wilkow!': Race, Marriage, and Politics


With Black History month upon us, Americans reflect on the mistakes of generations past and progress that has been made to secure equal rights and freedoms for all Americans. FreedomWorks fellow Rev. CL Bryant writes in a column on TheBlaze contributors page that race and the uglier segments of American history should not be used as a tool for politicians to open up old wounds and reinforce a sense of entitlement, but rather inspire African-Americans to honor their predecessors' by showing strong character and contributing greatly to society:

Minorities of all races and religions are blessed to share in the American freedoms we have today, whether it’s running a company or becoming president of the United States. The overwhelming support for Barack Obama in 2008 shows how far America has come in believing in equality and putting race barriers to rest. Even so, the errant analysis on the lips of many black leaders today is that African Americans have not yet been set free.

Freedom, they believe, is government doing more to overcompensate for wrongdoings during the pre-civil rights era. Instead of touting the individual achievement, autonomy, and freedom from government that would lead to true equal opportunity, they demand that government give handouts, not a hand up. These handouts weaken us and, in Obama’s own words, encourage dependency and diminish motivation.

Rev. C.L. Bryant and Senior Fellow at Freedomworks Tom Borelli talked with Andrew Wilkow on TheBlaze TV Monday about how race is viewed today in its relation to politics and social institutions like marriage. Watch a clip from Monday's show below:

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