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Terrifying Cross-Canyon Rope Swing -- You'll Either Wish You Were Riding or Be Glad You're Only Watching


"400-foot free fall pendulum rope swing between a slot canyon."

You might remember the viral "world's largest rope swing" video that was released a year ago this month. Now the creators are at it again with the "world's most insane rope swing" -- emphasis this time on the word "insane."

The behind-the-scenes video describes it as a "400-foot free fall pendulum rope swing between a slot canyon."

Here's a collection of screenshots to give you a taste of how it was put together, how terrifying/exciting it looks (based on some of the faces of participants) and the sights around the stunt:

The team won't reveal exactly where they were but state it is the "tundra" and that when they woke up all the water bottles were frozen. The rigging, although it might look pretty simple in the video, is relatively complex and safe. It was set up by professionals at Slackline Media. The footage itself was put together by filmmaker Devin Graham.

Check it out:

If you can't get enough of this stunt, check out the behind-the-scenes video, which includes information on how the swing rigging works, how people get back up out of the canyon and videography (Content Warning: Some potentially adult language):

In this video, Graham explains that based on the success of his previous rope swing video (it has more than 16 million views) he thought, why not make something even bigger? So far, this latest rope swing video, posted Feb. 26, has more than 600,000 views on YouTube.

Also, if you thought everyone was just insanely brave for taking the leap, check out the behind-these-scenes footage starting around 11:17 to see how hard it really is mentally for some people (and what happens if you wait too long).



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