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This Is NOT How Hockey Fights Work


Dave Schulz would be disgusted.

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Ice hockey as we know it has always been a rough and tumble sport. However, that’s not to say elegance has no place in the game. On the contrary, hockey has managed to balance these two elements quite nicely for a while now.

Still, whether you're more of a fan of finesse or “goons,” when we see the telltale signs of a fight breaking out (gloves thrown off, circling each other, etc.) everyone – and I mean everyone – expects a fight.

That is, unless you saw Francis Lessard of the Cornwall River Kings and Sebastien Laferriere of Sorel-Tracy HC Carvena "clash" last week in the most disappointing face off since the movie “Face/Off”:

That’s it? Not a single punch was thrown? They just skated around each other? Oof, Dave Schulz would be disgusted:

“This video is not to degrade either of the players as both players are well respected players with plenty of excellent fights on their resumes,” reads the video’s description.

Indeed, as The Daily Mail notes, the two players are actually notorious fighters.

“Lessard has 16 knock-about's logged already and Laferriere has almost double that with 30,” they note.

So we’re not sure what happened here.

But wait! Like any good sports story, there’s redemption. After Laferriere and Lessard served their time penalties, they gave war another chance -- and they delivered:

See? Everyone goes home happy.

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