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Politico columnist melts down over White House tours


Politico's Chief Columnist Roger Simon has fooled people with his sarcasm and satire before, most notably the New York Times' Paul Krugman. But in a new column on the White House's decision to stop giving tours due to sequestration, Simon comes off pretty serious, if a little hysterical...

Simon writes:

Some argue that the actual impact of sequester will be so puny that most people will not notice it and that it will become the new normal.

But I think we are paying a price.

Past generations of American children have said, “Gosh, President Kennedy just created the Peace Corps. I think I will devote my life to public service and help the people of the world.”

What can our children today say?

“Ma, you said we could visit the White House; you promised!” the moppets will wail, tears streaming down their faces. “And now it is shut down and life stinks, and I think I will grow up and manufacture methamphetamine for a living.”

Parents will respond the only way they can: “If you stop crying, we’ll take you to McDonald’s for some really unhealthy portions of fat, salt and sugar served to you by minimum-wage workers, who will show you what your life will be like in the future.”

“Yay,” the moppets will respond.

But is this good for America? No.

Simon's recommendation is to shut down the White House completely, even to the first family. And Congress, too. Until the tours are back up and running, that is.


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