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Meet The 'Gun Girl' Whose Question Freaked Out a U.S. Congressman


"I bought the AR-15 and the 30 round magazines because a six round handgun might not get the job done."

Image: Facebook


Late Tuesday afternoon, TheBlaze featured a video from a Virginia town hall meeting hosted by Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA). During that town hall meeting titled, "Preventing Another Newtown, A Conversation On Gun Violence In America," a young girl asked the Congressman a simple question.

“Why aren’t you pro-choice when it comes to self-defense for women?” she said.

Despite the positive reaction from the crowd, Mr. Moran decided to completely avoid the question and looked past the young lady who asked it. And despite the subtitle of the event ("A conversation on gun violence in America."), there was no conversation between the Congressman and the young woman. Rep. Moran chose to look past the woman and ask for the next question.

TheBlaze has been unsuccessful in our efforts to speak with anyone at Rep. Moran's office for comment on the incident. However, we tracked down the woman to ask her about the incident and her motivation for attending the town hall meeting.

Who is the "gun girl?"

Meet Celia Bigelow, a 2012 college graduate who moved from Michigan to Texas and then Virginia, all in the past year.

Image: Facebook

If her face looks familiar, you may have seen Ms. Bigelow on television during the run-up to last Fall's election. Celia founded a group called "Students Against Barack Obama" and has been seen contributor on Fox News, Fox Business, and CNN.

Image: Facebook

Ms. Bigelow was most recently acting as the Campus Director for American Majority Action, a group that describes itself as:

American Majority Action is a national conservative organization dedicated to engaging citizens in the political process by mobilizing them in support of candidates who favor limited government, individual freedom and protecting the free market.  AMA is founded on the belief that citizen engagement at the local, state and Federal levels will foster needed systemic change to preserve the American dream.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Ms. Bigelow left American Majority to work on a political campaign. She is involved with an exploratory committee for a Congressional hopeful named Ron Meyer.

Bigelow told TheBlaze that she only recently decided to exercise her Second Amendment rights becoming a gun owner in January of this year. Following the Sandy Hook massacre, she sensed that gun control fever could inspire new laws that would threaten a citizen's right to own a firearm. Less than two months ago, Celia bought an AR-15 with two 30-round magazines and a 9mm CZ handgun.

We asked why she choose those specific weapons.

"I bought the AR-15 and the 30 round magazines because a six round handgun might not get the job done," she said.

After Senator Diane Feinstein started talking about banning assault weapons and placing additional restrictions on all guns, Ms. Bigelow wrote a pro-gun piece, "Why Young Women Want AR-15s,"  that appeared on the National Review Online in late January. That article closed with a concise statement:

Violence is always going to exist. As women, we should possess the right to best defend ourselves against it, whether with a handgun or our much preferred AR-15. So, Mr. President, use the First Amendment as much as you like to rail against our AR-15s, but hands off our Second Amendment right to use them.

Ms. Bigelow also sent us two ironic photographs that she took at the event with Rep. Moran.

Image: Celia Bigelow

There were armed guards at the event. Celia Bigelow speculated that they were there to protect the Congressman.

Image: Celia Bigelow


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