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Fake Movie Trailer Ends in Tear-Jerking Marriage Proposal

(Image: Vimeo screenshot)

A woman and her two friends go to a movie. Watching the previews with snacks in hand, something seems a bit off with one of the trailers for an upcoming flick.

Was it that she recognized Liam Neeson's voice from "The Grey," which had come out months ago? Or were the scenes from "The Bourne Ultimatum" the giveaway?

(Image: Vimeo screenshot)

The young woman in the audience knew something important was coming her way when she saw a picture of herself included in what was increasingly revealed to be a fake movie trailer.

(Image: Vimeo screenshot)

(Image: Vimeo screenshot)

The Polish man ready to pop the question toward the end of the thrilling trailer, makes a real, physical entrance into the theater and professes his love.

We'll let you take a look and see how the story ends:

If that one wasn't enough for you. A similar proposal idea was employed a couple years ago and now has more than 26 million views on YouTube. Check that one out:



(H/T: Yahoo! News)

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