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Don't Harass a 'Human Statue' Street Performer Because You Might Get Punched in the Face




Some street performers take their jobs very seriously. For many in the trade, it is an art perfected over many years.

That might be why a "human statue" street performer, reportedly in Surfers Paradise, Australia, lost his cool when an annoying guy came up to him and began harassing him relentlessly. In the video posted on YouTube Friday, a man is seen flicking the performers ear, messing with his hat, giving him a wet willie and rubbing the front of his face -- all while smiling.

That same guy then got decked in the face by the fed-up street performer. It was a devastating, clean right hook that caught the harasser completely off guard.

The harassment begins (YouTube)

Messing with the hat is a not a good idea (YouTube)

Hands over the ears (YouTube)

The wet willy gets the street performer's blood boiling (YouTube)

Enough is enough (YouTube)

Lights out (YouTube)

"Oh!" the crowd reacted.

Ouch. Watch the video below:

(H/T: Reddit)

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