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Man Dressed as Giant Vagina Interrupts Pro-Life Event: 'We Are the Defenders of the C**t
Photo Credit: YouTube/SUN News

Man Dressed as Giant Vagina Interrupts Pro-Life Event: 'We Are the Defenders of the C**t

"If you cut off my repro-choice, I will cut off yours."

Photo Credit: YouTube/SUN News

A pro-life student group at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, was in for a major surprise when members invited a local politician to speak about abortion.

According to SUN News' Ezra Levant, a few minutes into the event, a small group burst into the room and started screaming at the speaker, Stephen Woodworth, a representative in Canada's House of Commons.

The spectacle was certainly bizarre and included shouting rants and a young men dressed up in a vagina costume. The National Post sheds some light on what unfolded last Wednesday, as the pro-life student event was inevitably shut down by campus police:

The University of Waterloo is investigating after an anti-abortion Conservative MP was blocked from delivering a lecture Wednesday night by protesters led by a man dressed as a giant vagina.

Ethan Jackson, 21, an art student at nearby Wilfrid Laurier University, said he calls his pink costume Vulveta, and that Stephen Woodworth’s talk about the universality of human rights came from an oppressive western discourse that ignores the rights of indigenous people.

The politician was able to get through a small portion of his speech before the chaos unfolded. The protest apparently got rowdy as Woodworth began to discuss the government's role in the abortion issue, noting that it's problematic to allow the state to define who isn't a human being.

Once he began speaking about other cultures that have allowed government to make such determinations (i.e. slavery in America and Germany in the 1930s), the National Post reports that the situation intensified.

A woman in a red dress inevitably took to the podium during the politician's speech and the group yelled some arguably foul language, while holding signs that read, "Keep your rosaries off my ovaries," and "If you cut off my repro-choice, I will cut off yours."

Watch video of the incident, below [CONTENT WARNING FOR GRAPHIC LANGUAGE]:

"In the name of every c**t, we stand here today refusing to let you further devalue the anatomical jewel, and moreover refusing to let you keep talking about removing it," the woman yelled from the podium. "We are the defenders of the c**t. You are threatening the freedom of all c***s while disseminating anti-c**t misinformation in institutions that require academic integrity."

The irony, of course, is that the pro-choice students hampered the free speech of both Woodworth and the students who had assembled to hear him speak. Rather than allowing the peaceful event to unfold on campus, they took to bizarre and boisterous tactics to prevent it. And, based on the university's response, school officials agree with pro-lifers.

Ellen Rethore, associate vice-president of communications and public affairs at the University of Waterloo, called the protestors' actions "unacceptable" and noted that an investigation is being launched into the incident.

"Our goal is to ensure an environment of tolerance and uphold the right of individuals to advance their views openly," Rethore explained, according to the National Post.

Watch Levant discuss the incident in a recent SUN News segment, below:

So, there you have it. Free speech being used to shut down free speech. According to National Post, Woodworth will be invited back to the university -- and interruptions will be prevented.

(H/T: SUN News)


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