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Here's your feel-good story of the day

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Society, rejoice!  The Washington Post brings good tidings of great joy:

new Pew report on the state of the media exposes one of the worst-kept secrets in politics: reporters are losing their power to frame presidential contests for the average citizen.

According to the Pew report (and conventional wisdom), media reporters are increasingly acting as "megaphones, rather than investigators," repeating assertions put forward by their choice candidate.  "Only about a quarter of statements in the media about the character and records of the presidential candidates originated with journalists in the 2012 race, while twice that many came from political partisans," the report found.

For more on the Pew report, click here.

While the declining influence of biased media might bode well for those who rail against it, members of the elite class are slightly panicked.  

"When news organizations are pushed out of the information pipeline, voters alone are left to sort through messages that are tested in focus groups and opposition attacks tailored with great specificity," the Washington Post opines.  Oh noes!  What will we witless voters do without the media there to sort it all out for us?  

Also, I think it's important to note that news organizations were not "pushed out" of the public's information pipeline.  The public has rejected the mainstream media because the mainstream media chose to sacrifice professional ethics for political gain.  And now that they can't be trusted, don't blame the public for losing trust -- blame the media for not respecting and upholding that trust.

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