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Is Hollywood Intentionally Axing Steamy Sex Scenes From Movies?


"Sex scenes used to be written, no matter the plot, to spice up a trailer."

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Hollywood has come under fire in the past for including steamy sex scenes that many have dismissed as unnecessary and inappropriate, particularly when those films attract young audiences. But now it seems that there's a change-of-heart in Tinseltown, with reports that directors and movie studios are moving away from including these scenes, as special effects may be proving more lucrative.

A report published in The Sunday Times over the weekend notes that CGI and special effects are taking precedence over sex scenes -- a departure from some of the past tactics used to entertain and attract audiences.

Photo Credit: AP

But the reasons for the change are apparently rooted more in financials than in good will.

"Film makers who once dared to push the censors to the limit with nudity and sex now find it pays to move the earth with technology instead," the outlet wrote. "The sex scene — once a staple of movies — is becoming increasingly redundant because of online porn and a trend for women to choose which films couples watch, according to new research for the movie industry."

And Vincent Bruzzese, president of the movie division of Ipsos, a market research firm, confirmed the decline in sex scenes present in Hollywood scripts over the past 18 months. In his view, producers realize that little can be gained from including them, as these scenes have become impediments to younger audiences being able to view films.

"Sex scenes used to be written, no matter the plot, to spice up a trailer," Bruzeese said. "But all that does today is get a film an adult-only rating and lose a younger audience. Today such scenes are written out by producers before they are even shot."

Photo Credit: AP

So, the spokesperson said that this dynamic leaves filmmakers asking, "Do we really need the sex?" In the end, they now apparently find themselves cutting these scenes out and, instead, relying upon special effects in an effort to hold on to their family-friendly ratings.

Of course, this dynamic isn't taking place on the small screen, where sex scenes and related content seem to be more prevalent than ever. Paul Dergarabedian, president of Box Office division, noted that some of the scenes present on television would never be permitted in some movies.

"If the sexually explicit scenes on TV shows such as Girls were made for cinema, they would not get a certificate," he said.

Considering the criticisms Hollywood regularly gets for touting moral decay, what do you think about this alleged reversal? Let us know in the comments section.


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